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Welcome to Blonde Ambition - Clothing that makes a statement and a change. We're a lifestyle label, with passion and purpose. A portion of all sales is directly donated back to the Rowan House in Southern Alberta or one of the great Animal Rescues we support (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society & Saving Grace Animal Rescue). The Rowan House provides emergency shelter and domestic violence services to women near and far. As far as animal rescue goes - we'll, its been in my soul from day 1 - and something I will continue. All of our clothing is designed and printed by us, here in Alberta!

Our signature Bad Ass Babe line is so much more than just a brand. It's a vision, a state of mind and a community. It's a brand that focuses on empowerment, resilience and being true to you. It's about learning to embrace your Bad Ass self and most importantly being proud of who you are! 

Meet Sabrina

Hi! I am the founder of Blonde Ambition and Bad Ass Babe.  I am also a Chartered Accountant and Serial Entrepreneur and one of my passions is helping other entrepreneurs follow their dreams. I freaking LOVE anything to do with business. Most recently I sold my very first business - an independent pet boutique and grooming salon in Alberta. Building a pet empire for 6 years was my jam - I came, I conquered and found it was time to move on. I also own two other companies as well as offer business consulting services and my sisters and I are also on a new journey - which you can read about here.

I have had the opportunity to meet some pretty incredible people - both men and women which were the inspiration behind the brand. Game changers, rockstars, survivors, powerhouses, determined Bad Ass Babes who make me proud and inspire me to be a better person. People I am proud to know and love to watch grow. I love nothing more to help others be successful, to find their way, to energize them and help them recognize just how great they are. Stay tuned to my blog to read about my perspectives on all things business, life and entrepreneurship.

I am currently in the process of Trademarking the brand - so you will find Bad Ass Babe exclusively here as well as a list of approved retailers.

e are so grateful for your support thus far. Over this past year, we have grown tremendously. From 0-50 retailers across Canada, we've shipped WORLDWIDE, and we've been able to donate over $4,000 - thanks to you!