Clothing that makes a statement and a change. We might not be able to do everything, but we can do something.

Meet Sabrina - Founder of Blonde Ambition

Hi! Welcome to Blonde Ambition! I am Sabrina - a Chartered Accountant, Business Owner and Animal Loving Serial Entrepreneur. I have a true passion for business - I just love everything about it. My business career started in 2009 after graduating from the CA School of Business, which led me to work in the oil and gas industry for nearly a decade.

During this time, I had become a 'dog mom' and became increasingly interested in pet wellness and nutrition - which led me to open my first business - a Pet Boutique and Grooming Salon in Red Deer, Alberta. My husband and I built this business, which we owned for 7 years until we sold it to move closer to family. It was truly a gem - and many of the great clients and organizations we work with today were rooted there. It was also here that our graphic apparel journey also started. I am always planting new seeds in business and follow my passion to where it leads me.

In 2012 we started dabbling in the graphic apparel industry. We are here to create pieces that you feel comfortable wearing, that make a statement - and maybe ignite conversation about change - all while being able to donate to some pretty great organizations. We believe that together we will make change. #fashionforchange

We truly are a lifestyle label, with passion and purpose. A portion of all sales are directly donated back to some great charities!

♥ The Rowan House in Southern Alberta - to help victims of domestic violence.

ACT Coalition on Human Trafficking - Alberta to assist victims of human trafficking

♥ Animal Rescues - Parachutes for Pets, AARCS, Saving Grace Animal Society & More.

♥ Veterans Food Bank, Sheep River Health, Food Bank, Stollery Childrens Hospital & many more!

♥ ALS Society of Alberta - my dad was diagnosed with ALS in October 2021 and I was his caregiver for 2 years. He is currently living with ALS. We are doing our part to help families in need and create some hope for ALS.

We are so grateful for your support thus far. Over this past few years, we have grown tremendously. From 0-100 retailers across Canada, we've shipped WORLDWIDE, and we've been able to donate over $53,000 - thanks to you! Giving back and helping others is so important to us. We've all needed a helping hand at one point - and we believe that if we are able to offer help, we should.

In addition to our donations, from time to time you may see additional fundraisers on our site (food bank etc) - and we do team up with some great organizations to help raise funds and awareness to other deserving causes.