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✦ be the light® ✦

Giving back is SO important to us. It's a HUGE part of who we are. We are so grateful that thanks to you, we are able to support and raise awareness for some amazing organizations. With your help, we've been able to donate over $12,000 to help the Rowan House Emergency Shelter combat domestic violence, and helping animals in need through Parachutes for Pets, AARCS and Saving Grace Animal Rescue.

Now 2020, we've launched our ✦ be the light® ✦ campaign to help raise funds and awareness for Human Trafficking through ACT Alberta. $10 from every be the light® t-shirt is donated directly to this amazing organization. The funds we donate go directly to the Victim Assistance Fund. Yes its uncomfortable to talk about, yes its happening right here at home, and yes we can make a difference. We believe action is making change - and that's what we intend to do.

In what can sometimes be a dark world, shine bright - ✦ be the light® ✦ at the end of the tunnel as you never know who you're guiding.

Looking for a great fundraising idea? We'd love to help! We'll help you put together a fundraiser selling Blonde Ambition Gear and your organization will get a portion of the proceeds! Message us to find out more.